Earlier this week I posted a gif that was an experiment from a Photoshop workshop/tutorial I held with some of our graduate fellows.  This is Laura Hampton’s finished experiment from that workshop.  Once word got out that I was teaching Photoshop, people started lining up and I’ll be doing another one later this month.  Apparently a lot of librarians secretly want to know how to use it and are hiding the fact that they don’t know.  Are you one of those librarians?

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    #imitation is the sincerest form of flattery #totally stealing this
  10. librarylinknj answered: Yes! Yes, I am!
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    Love this gif. We just might need to make some like this here at The Huntington. Maria Sibylla Merian, get your insects...
  12. ex-tabulis answered: This is awesome!! You should do an online one for the rest of us :)
  13. monkfishjowls said: This is fantastic.
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