List of Special Collections on Tumblr and Follow Friday

Follow Friday! 

Of course, continue to follow us, The University of Iowa Special Collections & University Archives (duh), but here are a few other favorites if you like rare books and manuscripts & such:

Erik Kwakkel

Houghton Library at Harvard University

The Smithsonian Libraries

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

And here is a plug for our Iowa Women’s Archives who launched their own Tumblr this week, continuing to feature Women’s History Wednesdays and more.

Check out this complete list of Special Collections Libraries on Tumblr!  Did I miss anyone?

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    This is a really great list of special collections & archives on tumblr. There are some real gems here!
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    This is a list we would wholeheartedly endorse following even if we weren’t on it! (uispeccoll included, of course.)
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    Thanks for including us and for sharing this great resource!
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    Awesome list!
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    I’m the main editor for this list, so let me know if there is someone who needs to be there.
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