What do we have here? Looks like a 20th century binding containing TWO 15th century texts! That’s right, this is a sammelband, a book comprised of two or more separate works, together in the same binding.  Here we have Gesta Romanorum, a book of anecdotes and tales in Latin that was probably compiled around the late13th or early 14th century (Wikipedia).  Following that we find Historia destructionis Troiae, a prose epic written in the 13th century by Guido delle Colonne about Troy (also in Latin).  Both texts were printed by Georg Husner in Strassburg, 1499.  Since they were printed within months of each other, it is possible that the two texts have been bound together for a very long time.  Gesta and Historia are separated by two un-printed pages, which a previous owner covered in some rather raucous doodles.  There is also conservation work on some of the pages, which is visible in some of the photos.  Thus, this book, which looks so simple on the outside, is a rich compendium of book phenomena.

Gesta Romanorum. Strassburg, Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner), Jan. 7-12, 1499. Special Collections x-Collection PA8320 1499    Bound with:  Colonne, Guido delle, 13th cent.  Historia destructionis Troiae.  Strassburg, Georg Husner, July 25. Special Collections x-Collection PA8320 1499

Post by Laura H.

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