There is so much exciting archaeological news in Iowa City these days (see the coins dug up recently in the excavation near the Union, and the exciting mobile museum.)

Not to be outdone, or to join the theme, we’re featuring archaeology in Special Collections for this Miniature Monday.  

Bolton, Claire. Dig : an excavation at Marcham.  Marcham : Alembic Press, 2002.  N7433.4.B66 D5 2002 

"A flag book inspired by the recent archaeological excavation around the site of a Roman amphitheatre at the edge of the village of Marcham. The book features an accordian folded spine, with 24 flags in different colours of paper and with different type faces representing some of the finds, followed by a 4 page sewn section of explanatory text which is set in 8pt Gill. The book is housed in a stiff paper pocket sleeve." [X]

As always, stop by the Special Collections reading room on the third floor of the Main Library to (like an archaeologist - gently) dig through the layers of this flag book structure.  

If you want updates on the archaeological happenings and natural history I suggest following our U. Iowa colleagues over at iowanaturalhistory and iowaarchaeology.

To find out more about miniatures from Alembic Press, stop by their website, or check out their book Madeleine, that I featured previously.

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